¡The spring equinox is near!

Soon the equator of the earth will be in line with the center of the sun, giving way to new energies, cleaner and full of vitality come into our lives. This is the perfect time to get rid of accumulated bad vibes, whether at home, at work or within oneself.

Many people have different rituals to bring about this change, such as deep cleaning, rearranging furniture, or "recharging your stones," with the latter being our favorite.

The energy of the gems.

Some gemstones are well known for house and provide energy to their environment and for this reason many people rely on their mysticism to improve their day to day, that is why gems are usually closely related to the equinox and the change of energies.


Foto de manos con anillos de ópalo de fuego mexicano


Gems such as turquoise, lapis lazuli and opals they have a special effect on people that influences their mood.

Fire opal is popular with followers of gem therapy, primarily for promoting greater emotional stability by granting strength in difficult moments, sharpening intuition and reinforcing faith in oneself.

In addition, it is known for being an ally personally and in love, as many say that whoever wears it as an amulet will be protected against negative energies and will also be able to find true love more easily.

But for the benefits of opal to take effect, it is necessary free it from negative charges that accumulate over time, achievable through natural healing energies such as the sun, moon, oceans, etc., so events like the equinoxes are perfect for opal.

¿How to clean your opal?

It is very common for rock people to talk about "cleaning and recharging" their talismans during the equinoxes, solstices and certain dates related to the lunar phases. There are different methods to purify gems, we present some of the best known and most effective:

Foto de caja con piedras curativas cristales y cuarzos de geoterapia

Source: Elements Envato.

Water: One of the simplest, best-known and fastest methods, it is enough to hold the rock between your hands and exert pressure under the cold water jet for about a minute. Experts say that rainwater is better for this process, but not essential.

Consider that due to their chemical composition, not all gems are resistant to water, such as Malachite or Angelite.

Water and salt: Preferably use seawater, but if you don't have it, creating your own saline water comes in handy, in any case, it is recommended to leave the rock between 12 and 24 hours without exceeding 48 hours.

Incense: If the previous methods were not friendly with all types of stones, this technique is quite the opposite, since it can be applied to absolutely any rock. It is enough to light an incense or palo santo to surround the stone with its smoke between 30 to 60 seconds.

It is recommended to do this near a window to allow airflow and to make the smoke -along with the impurities of the gems- go out. It is also suggested to repeat a mantra that allows you to purify the energy correctly.

¿How to recharge your opal?

Once clean, what you have to do is fill them with pure energy again so that they continue to share their benefits with you and around you:


Foto de ritual de limpieza de piedras curativas cristales y cuarzos de geoterapia

Source: Elements Envato.

Sunlight or moonlight: Natural light is the greatest and most powerful source of energy for gemstone talismans, depending on its type, the rock will need to be exposed to the sun or the moon; Some stones such as rose quartz and amethyst cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time because they will lose color.

In any of the cases, what should be done is to keep the gem in a container with water and without a lid, leaving it to rest overnight in case it requires night energy and taking care not to receive light so directly during the day. .

Sound: There are sound frequencies that collide with the amulet that will result in it being recharged with energy, for this Tibetan bowls, tuning forks or a strong and harmonic sound are commonly used to help balance the vibrations of the gem.

Land: It is practically returning them to their point of origin, to their natural state, because with this method what is recommended is to bury the gem for approximately one week, either in the patio or in a pot, the point is to surround it with its own element.

Foto de caja con piedras curativas cristales y cuarzos de geoterapia

Source: Elements Envato.

¿You are ready to receive the equinox with your gems. Tell us how you will recharge your batteries this early spring!a!