¿How to know your ideal ring size 

In recent years, online jewelry sales have grown significantly, especially rings, however, many people still prefer to avoid this type of purchase.

This reluctance may be due to several factors, among which are: distrust of the store, not knowing the real appearance of the garments and the fear of choose a wrong size.

Since this type of product is usually highly personalized and in some cases expensive, getting the wrong size can mean a big mistake.

Foto de anillo de ámbar y plata Guapinol

Amber and silver, original design by Guapinol.

But the truth is that today this risk is minimal since stores have developed methods that help their customers find their perfect size.

Thinking about this, we write this article for you, who have doubts about your correct size when buying rings online; Maybe this is the little push you need.

4 tips before measuring the size of your fingers:

  1. Unique measurements:
    Each finger has a different measurement no matter how similar they seem and even if they are from the same hand, so to avoid mistakes, measure exactly the finger you want to put a ring on.
  2. The dominant hand:
    This is the one with which you have more interactivity, by having a greater amount of action and "exercise" consider that the fingers of said hand will have a greater measure than the other. your dominant hand It depends if you are a right or left handed person. .
  3. Temperature:
    The size of the fingers varies according to the temperature in which it is for a prolonged period, so it is suggested to measure yourself at the end of your daily activities , because your hands will be in the most constant measure of the day.
  4. Measure the phalanges:
    The rings rest in the area of the metacarpal, however, an error is not contemplating the conjecture of this area with that of the next phalanges. In this area there is an increase in volume that if ignored can give Problems when putting on the ring.
Anillo de ámbar - Túulis

Túulis amber ring. Guapinol original design

Tips for before buying jewelry online.

A great way to lose the fear of buying jewelry online is by consulting the return and exchange policies from the store in eventualities such as an incorrect size.

Just like us, most online stores already offer size charts Regarding their products and the sizes they carry, if you cannot find them in their store, contact their customer service department.

Foto de anillo artesanal de ámbar rojo

Ch'aaj red amber. Guapinol original design.

3 steps to know the size of your ideal ring.

    1. Calculate the diameter.
      You will need a ring in which you can easily identify its circumference, that is, preferably a circular one.

      Place the jewel on a sheet of paper and trace the circle that forms inside the ring, then, with a ruler or tape measure, measure the distance between the ends of the circle.

      See how they do it video of I Learn Jewelry GO next.
    2. Calculate the circumference.
      Take a measuring tape and cover your finger with it, adjust this cover so that it is comfortable for you to put it on and take it off. Once the above is done, remove the tape and write down the measurements obtained.

      If you do not have a tape measure, you can do it with sewing threads, in the end you will only have to cut the coverage and measure with a ruler.
    3. Compare with tables.
      The only thing left is to compare your measurements with those in the store's catalogues. As with shoes, ring measurements have become standardized over time, making your online purchase faster and more reliable. we share you our size chart .
Tabla de medidas internacional para anillos

In addition, we share with you this large format that we know will help you measure more accurately and find the perfect ring,you can download it here.

Formato para encontrar medida de anillo perfecto


¿And you, what ring size are you? Tell us in the comments!s!