Having a piece of amber and wearing it as a jewel is much more than treasuring a beauty. It is also having a piece of history, a fossil, a piece of thousands of years. Each jewel is unique and you will never find two identical pieces.

so yesthese ready to buy one of our jewels, knowing something more about amber is a good idea.

The origin of amber is in the resin of trees that, about 10,000 years ago, hardened and fossilized, sometimes even with insects inside, remained in the subsoil of forested areas and thus, made of stone, reached us.

There are several countries that have outcrops of amber. In Europe, amber is known from Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and the recently found deposit in Cantabria (Spain). In the American continent, in addition to the Chiapas deposit, there are in the Dominican Republic and in areas of the United States. In other words, amber from Chiapas is unique in Mesoamerica.

In Europe the tree from which the resin came thousands of years ago is a conifer (Pinus succinifera). While the resin of trees from which amber emerged in the Dominican Republic and Mexico is a legume. In the Dominican it is the tree called algarrobo, which in Mexico is called curbaril, guapinol, cuapinol or copinol (Hymenaea courbaril).

The origin of the name ofguapinol orcuaupinol, its etymology, comes from Nahuatl:cuahuitl, tree' and pinoli ‘flour'. And this tree is the one that gives us our name, the one that names our store.

Guapinol is the tree whose resin, after more than 10,000 years of fossilization, becomes the amber with which we create our jewellery. The amber we use is from the Mexican state of Chiapas, where one of the largest deposits in the world is located.

The origin of the word amber comes from the Hispanic Arabic ‘amber, and this from classical Arabic‘anbar, and it means what floats in the sea. 

Our jewels are born from the golden tears that these trees once cried.



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