¿Has it happened to you that at some point your silver jewelry loses its shine?

In Guapinol all our jewelry is made of 950 silver (that means that 95% is silver and the other 5% is another material) which is of high quality, due to the purity of the material and because it is a noble metal that does not oxidize. (unlike other types of silver, for example 925 silver), however it can happen that at some point it becomes dull or even has a slightly dirty appearance, but why does this happen?o? 

Most people believe that this is because silver oxidizes, but in reality what happens is that it sulphides. In other words, since this is a noble metal and has little interaction with other substances, what can happen is that it reacts with the sulfur found in the air in the form of hydrogen sulfide and that causes it to turn dull or a little dark.

Remember that the real 950 silver is of high quality and rarely gets dirty due to its purity, Unlike another type of 925 silver that is sometimes combined with copper in a higher percentage, it becomes stained.

If at some point this happens to your jewelry, don't worry, below we will give you some homemade tips to clean your silver jewelry.

Guapinol 950 silver necklace

Remember that before starting to clean your silver you should consider the following:

-   Gloves: To avoid leaving fingerprints on your objects and/or accessories

-   Soft cloth: To clean and later dry your silver

-   Jewelry box or storage box: Where you will place your silver once it is clean.



Guapinol silver and amethyst ring

Tip 1: Mixture of baking soda and white vinegar

You will need a tablespoon of baking soda and 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Pour the vinegar into a large container (it can be a bowl) and little by little, add the baking soda until it dissolves. Immerse your silver jewelry and let it act for a few minutes. Then take them out, clean them and polish them with a soft cloth. Look how they have shined again!!


Cómo limpiar tus joyas con bicarbonato

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Tip 2: The aluminum foil trick

Line the bottom of a large container with aluminum foil, it can be a bowl. Then, pour a cup of hot water and two tablespoons of baking soda. Let your silver jewelry sit for 5 minutes. Then remove the dirt with a damp cloth, rinse them in cold water and then you can dry them with another soft and absorbent cloth.

 Limpiar joyas de plata con papel aluminio

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Tip 3: Toothpaste

For this trick you will need to place a light layer of toothpaste on your jewelry or silver object and then start rubbing it with a damp cloth until it is clean, then rinse with warm water and that's it!!

 Cómo limpiar tu joyería de plata con pasta de dientes


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Tip 4: Soap and water

Finally, we can clean the silver with dishwashing soap. We only put 3 drops of soap in a cup of cold water, we put the jewelry gently carving with our hands.

Rinse very well with cold water and dry with a soft cloth.

Remember that 950 silver jewelry rarely becomes opaque or tarnished. If this happens, these cleaning tips can work.

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