The equinox is a time of the year when day and night are of equal length. This happens twice a year, the first is in March and the second in October.

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¿What is the autumnal equinox?

The autumn equinox is famous for attracting changes in the earth's energy, that is, it is a time to let go, let go or simply make improvements in ourselves. For some ancient cultures such as the Chinese, Roman or Mayan, this time symbolized an opportunity to give thanks for everything that the earth had provided.

Let us remember that these civilizations felt very connected to nature, so they performed rituals to take advantage of all the energy provided during the equinox.


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That is why we present you 3 minerals that will help you make the most of the autumnal equinox.

Lapis Lazuli for good energies

The change of energy on earth also affects each one of us and is reflected mainly in our state of mind. Some may feel more susceptible to fall phenomena and feel tired. Using accessories where the Lapis Lazuli stone is present will help a lot, since it is of high frequency and will help create an energy balance. 


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jade for calm

Sometimes the change makes people a little dazed and awakens a feeling of anxiety, jade is a perfect mineral to emit calm and clean energy.



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Amber for harmony

Amber is another piece that can be of great help in this equinox, since it contains all the wisdom of the trees and of nature fossilized inside, thanks to this it can bring us stability and harmony. In addition to always helping to ensure a good circulation of energy.Remember that we have various accessories in which you can find this mineral present.

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¿How to purify my stones on the Equinox?

If, on the other hand, your energy and vibration levels are high and what you are looking for is only to purify your stones and recharge them, what you can do is clean your piece and expose it to the sun for an entire afternoon. You only need a damp cloth and rub its entire surface to later put them in the sun for between 30 minutes and 3 hours (it all depends on the level of vibration of your stone, the higher it is, the more time it will need).


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Remember that there are many ways in which you can work with your crystals, you can include them in an altar or meditate with them, the important thing is always to bring them with you and on your body, so having them in accessories is a great idea.

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If you are interested in learning more about how to charge your energy crystals and make the most of this fall equinox,We recommend some articles from our blog who talk about the topic. Don't forget that doingclick here you can know all our variety of accessories and stones that we have.