We all have some jewels to which we have granted a special meaning; either because someone important has given them to us, we have acquired them at some important moment in our lives or we simply love them so much that we end up turning them into our good luck charms.

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And so that you can turn these pieces into something even more significant, we recommend that you follow one of the following rituals so that you charge those jewels that you always carry with you with positive energy.

Before you start, cleanse them of negative energies


As you wear your jewelry, they are charged with energies, which may not always be positive; if you have begun to feel them lighter, that they are losing their power or you use them daily, it is time todownload them.

The easiest way to carry it out is by immersing them in a container of water with grain salt and letting them rest overnight in the open (if there is a full moon better), and taking them out before the sun's rays touch them.

Once this is done, we can proceed to energize them by following one of the following rituals, do not forget that the lunar phases are important to carry out the energy charge of your jewelry, the full moon being the most propitious for this task.

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1.- Through touch

This ritual only requires a mental-tactile connection and is relatively simple, you just have to place your piece of jewelry in the center of your hand and concentrate on its shape, while imagining how part of your energy is released from you and concentrated in the middle. ; as soon as you lose concentration on it, it will be the signal that the piece has been loaded.

2.- With the power of the earth

 If you have a garden or potted plants at home, you can bury your jewel near a tree or flower so that it can be charged with the energy of nature.

It is enough to dig up one or two centimeters and cover it with the same soil, leaving it there for a week; It is important that if you choose this ritual, you choose a place where they cannot be lost and that is easy for you to remember.


3.- With the sun's rays

There is nothing more full of energy than the sun's rays, and if you are lucky enough to have a window where they touch it at sunset or sunrise, you can take the opportunity to place your jewelry once it has been purified for 30 minutes so that it benefit from sunlight.

 Remember that the power of intention in this type of ritual counts a lot, no matter which one you choose, always keep your good wishes in mind.


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