Learn about the origin of Mexican amber.

Every April 22nd, Earth Day is commemorated, a date to thank all the bonanzas that our planet offers us.

Especially at Guapinol, we have many thanks to give on this day, since our flagship product, amber, comes from the bowels of the earth itself.

We consider amber as one of the nature's most special gifts , because of how it is produced and because of the importance it has in our current society, we will tell you more about it below.

¿What is amber and where does it come from??

Amber is a vegetable resin, which comes from different trees present on our planet for more than 20 million years, among which is the Guapinol .

When exposed to the temperatures and pressure of the subsoil for millions of years, this pitch hardened until it gave rise to the precious stone that we have today.

Foto de ámbar mexicano con insectos fosilizados

File photo.

In its path, the resin will imprison whatever is close to it, which is why specimens of plants, insects and even minerals such as pyrite usually appear within the amber samples, which is why paleontologists consider this high value gem being a fossil, especially those with biological traces.

The importance of amber in Mexico.

Mexico has an amber production quite recognizable worldwide , firstly because of the level of hardness that the resin has (from 2.5 to 3 in theMohs scale, according to an article in Gestiópolis), one of the most prominent globally.

In the same way, the international reputation of the country is due to the fact that it has one of the oldest and richest deposits of amber, where it is possible to find the coveted red amber more easily than in other parts of the world.

Because of this, the marketing of this gemstone has been livelihood of many families throughout the generations, generating jobs in mining and crafts, in addition to promoting other types of businesses such as museums and specialized jewelry stores.

According to testimonies from amber production cooperatives, harvesting activities are usually carried out by local farmers in dry seasons.

Foto de anillos artesanales de ámbar mexicano

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As with amber, the earth provides us with everything we need to live and move forward day by day, that's why today we thank and celebrate it!!